Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions which shall be applicable to all the accounts which are existing or may be opened anytime in future with Global Co operative Credit Society Ltd.

I agree to abide by the Bank's Terms and Conditions and rules in force and the changes thereto in Terms and Conditions from time to time relating to my account as communicated and made available on the Bank's website. I agree that the opening and maintenance of the account is subject to rules and regulations introduced or amended from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India.

I agree that the bank before opening any deposit account, will carry out a due diligence as required under Know Your Customer guidelines of the bank. I would be required to submit necessary documents or proofs, such as identity, address, photograph and any such information to meet with KYC, AML or other statutory/regulatory requirements.

I agree that I shall be liable to pay all charges, fees, interest, and costs wherever applicable, which the Bank may levy with respect to my account or any transaction or services rendered and the same may be recovered by the Bank by a debit to my account. I agree and acknowledge that in case of non-availability of adequate funds the charges will be debited to the account over a period of time till the entire amount is recovered.

Nomination Facility is available for accounts. Customer can include nomination or can change/modify existing nomination details in the account during his/her lifetime. In case of joint accounts, authorization from all the account holders is necessary for any alteration to nomination details. Nomination can be done in favour of only one individual. If the nominee is minor, then another major individual should be appointed to receive the amount in case of claim during the minority of the nominee. Nominee has the right to receive the applicable payment from the bank only on the death of the account holder in sole individual account or all account holders in case of joint account